Symbol for One Humanity

HOLOS attracts, enhances, and transmits our feelings of Love, Peace, and Unity.

All HOLOS Amulets are unconditionally guaranteed in quality and workmanship.

Welcome to HOLOS Amulets, where love, peace, and unity converge. Immerse yourself in the transformative power of our amulets and experience profound inspiration. Stay connected with us to receive exclusive offers and updates on new HOLOS products.

Discover the sacred symbol of One Humanity and break free from the chaos of the mind with our complimentary download: ‘Break Free from your Monkey Mind – 5 Steps to Inner Peace.’ Dive deeper into the essence of HOLOS and its blessings for inner harmony and unity in our enlightening booklet: ‘HOLOS Amulets – Tools for Transformation.’

Be inspired by the heartfelt testimonials and gratitudes shared by our satisfied customers. Join the global movement towards world peace and unity by adorning yourself, your home, and workplace with the beauty of HOLOS amulets, pendants, sculptures and new wall artworks. Embrace the divine pattern of the Universe and invite HOLOS into your life. Connect with HOLOS today via email at Thank you for your interest in HOLOS Amulets. Love, Peace, & Unity.



Experience the transformational healing power of Amulets.

Every Amulet as a pendant or sculpture represents our energetic field and models the creative pattern of the Universe.


“Break Free from your Monkey Mind – 5 Steps to Inner Peace,” simple steps to Awaken Peace within; also the transformational power of HOLOS Amulets is available for FREE download. Click the image below.

“HOLOS Amulets – Tools for Transformation” is my second booklet sharing the evolution of this design from it’s inception to the transformational blessings for inner peace and unity. Click the image below to read or download.


We receive testimonials and praises all the time. We call these gratitudes which are reciprocal between us as makers and those who receive the benefits of HOLOS Amulets. You can read many Gratitudes here.

Doris Z

I sometimes wear my HOLOS to sleep at night for protection. This morning in meditation I had a deeper understanding of the connection to the planet and every creature….for UNITY. Got It!

Julie C

I haven’t taken mine off since I got one from you 5 yrs ago at your first Conscious Life Expo, except to shower…Thank you, I LOVE my HOLOS pendant!

Tommy H

My HOLOS amulet arrived today and it is Perfect! I have seen many other torus pendants/amulets before finding yours, but yours was definitely the most beautiful. I thank you for everything. All the best to you

Anatta C

I love this beautiful symbol for world peace and unity. I wear mine all the time, it goes with almost all of my other necklaces. It just feels good! 

Your HOLOS is the creative pattern for sustainability in the Universe.

Foster Gamble

Love my HOLOS amulets, I own three of them and wear them all the time.

Amy Lynn Stevenson

HOLOS models the creative pattern of our Universe.

Nassim Haramein

Wearing my HOLOS connects me with others and with my inner peace. I love wearing it.

Kayla B

HOLOS Wall Artworks

Introducing our latest addition to the HOLOS collection – HOLOS wall art. Elevate the ambiance of your living space with these mesmerizing artworks that embody love, peace, and unity. Each piece is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of wonder and inspire deep connection. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty and profound symbolism that our HOLOS wall art offers. Experience the transformative power of these unique creations and let them be a constant reminder of the harmony and oneness within and around you. Join us on this artistic journey towards inner peace and unity. Explore our captivating HOLOS wall art collection today and embrace the divine patterns that unfold before your eyes.

Connect with HOLOS Amulets via email at and let us guide you in finding the perfect piece for your sacred space. Thank you for being a part of the HOLOS community. Love, Peace, Unity. See the Collection here: HOLOS Wall Artworks