About Brian Berman, Artist and Creator

As a professional sculptor (www.BermanSculpture.com) for over 30 years, and a meditator since 1970, Brian Berman created an inspirational unifying design in 2013 that he titled HOLOS Amulets. HOLOS in ancient Greek language means whole and complete, safe and sound, and pertaining to the Universe. He creates these 9-spiral torus forms in stone, glass, and metal as he explores the perfect symmetry, the unitive design, and the sacred geometry of these amulets. 



Have you every asked yourself, “Why can’t we all get along?” And “Why can’t we live together peacefully?” This has been my primary focus and questioning ever since as a little boy I witnessed on TV the horrors of WWII, and the Holocaust.  So I studied and taught Yoga and Meditation to connect with peace within, was professionally trained in Hakomi Therapy and Attitudinal Healing to heal emotional wounds, and led support groups for most of my adult life. I am an award-winning sculptor, photographer, and facilitator.

In 1991, after experiencing a major business loss, I took up stone sculpting which became my primary form of self expression and a new direction unfolded as a fine art sculptor. My work has been shown is many galleries in US and Europe (including the Louvre in Paris). 

As a peace builder, I did Citizen Diplomacy projects in Russia, setting up support  and meditation groups with Global Family. I co-facilitated a workshop in 1989 while attending Seeking the True Meaning of Peace, hosted by the Costa Rican government and the United Nations, in San Jose, Costa Rica. The 14th Dalai Lama, and 700 other peace builders attended this conference.

Following the 9/11 tragedy, I started a listening group in my local community to facilitate listening skills as a path to conflict resolution. In 2002, I was invited by the director of The Compassionate Listening Project to co-facilitate a 10 day delegation of Jews and Germans in Germany, to help heal the emotional wounds resulting from World War II and the Holocaust. I became a certified Compassionate Listening facilitator and the co-director of the Jewish-German Reconciliation Project.

Together with my German wife Lisa, we facilitate healing and reconciliation workshops in the US and Europe, including The Art of Listening – a skill building workshop for greater peace, Compassion4U, and Awakening Peace. To read more about our work, click this link: www.AwakeningPeace.org