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I am thrilled to be purchasing this Holos and especially now during this tumultuous time in our country and planet-wide. 

 I will be holding tight to it on election night to remind me that whatever happens, peace and love will always triumph!!!
Your lifetime work is just wonderful and I am excited about my Holos!!!
Then Jenny writes:

THANK YOU for your beautiful work.

I NEVER wear jewelry but have not taken my holo necklace off except to go to sleep at night since it arrived here.   I will be wearing it every day. The two-inch Holos is in my bedroom now and I just love it.
It fits perfectly in my hand and I will be gripping it tightly on election night.
I downloaded your booklet on my laptop.  I will go upstairs and print it in color on my computer, too.
Thank you, Brian.   I love them both!!!

Jenny B


I received my HOLOS Amulets a few days ago. I absolutely LOVE them. I have been wearing the necklace every day. I find myself reaching up and holding it in my hand. It is a reminder of my wholeness, often hidden behind my weaknesses, behaviors that hide the goodness, the divine within me. I loved reading the story of how you were inspired to create it. Clearly Divine inspiration!

Linda W


I haven’t taken mine off since I got one from you 5 years ago at your first Conscious Life Expo, except to shower.

Thank you, I LOVE my HOLOS pendant!

Julie C


The Holos design is complex simplicity at its finest, much like the organization of our universe.

Thanks much, Brian.

Sincerely and with respect,Fred


I’m not normally a necklace wearer, but I am so into this pendant. Thank you so much, Brian.



MY Holos talisman arrived today and it is Perfect =)

I found the Holos website by googling torus pendant I believe. I have seen many other torus pendants/talismans before finding Yours, but Yours was definately the most beautiful. I thank you for everything.All the best to you Brian,Tommy

Susie B

I wanted to write to tell you personally how my pendant seems to be having a VERY positive impact on my life.  I have been in Arkansas and separated from my family for over five years. This separation has caused me a lot of anxiety and sadness.  My reason for being in Arkansas now is due to some health issues relating to a bout with cancer when I first came to visit Dave and Patricia when they were here in Arkansas. These health issues have caused some anxiety as well.

After I had been wearing my pendant for about a month, I began to notice that I felt not as weighted down with worry and anxiety. I still sorely miss my bro and still have the ongoing health issues but they just don’t seem to be getting me down so much. I seem to be thinking more about peace in the world in general than worrying so much about peace in my own life.

Today I received a message that a purple pendant is on its way for my puppy, Boodle Baker. I will write you again to report on how Boodle responds to her pendant as well as more news on my own pendant.

Thank you so much for creating such a lovely piece of art for us all to enjoy and find positive results in our own lives.  With warm regards, SB

Michael N –

I love the HOLOS – a simply elegant design, infinite continuity, and leading edge creation (3D printing). The fact that it comes in a choice of finishes is even more impressive. It will win, just keep it simple and let it flow. In so many ways it sells itself!

Adrian G –

I received the Holos today and it is so beautiful. I put it on and find comfort in how it brings healing energies into my very being, like a vortex portal. Thank you so much.

My wife and I would like to make a trip to visit your studio and we will make an appointment with you when we can make the trip. I am pleased to have found your website and to have had the opportunity to make your acquaintance. It will be an even greater delight when we will be able to meet.

Thank you for touching my life in such a meaningful way.



Adrian G –

Brian, HOLOS creator, asked Adrian how he found the website and placed his order.

Adrian responded: I have never met you- I put into the search engine beautiful limestone sculptures for sale and a website came up which had one of your sculptures shown in a henna limestone-very beautiful. I saw your name and put it into the search engine and came upon your website.

I must tell you that your sense of composition, use of positive and negative space and the ease with which you derive the same sense of sensuality and spirituality no mater whether using stone, metal or glass is exquisite. I was looking to see what pieces where available and what their cost is when I saw the jewelry you make and made the purchase. It moved me to see the design and it reflects a design element I use in some of my jewelry- the Fibonacci sequence. There is such beauty in that number and it is reflected in so many aspects of nature that I cannot help but be moved by it when I see it whether it is in a nautilus shell, a sunflower seedpod or a chrysanthemum. Your piece speaks to that beauty. I also have been intrigued by the use of 3 dimensional printers and found it doubly exciting that this piece was executed by such a design. It is brilliance incarnate.

I did see one of your sculptures listed on a gallery site in Idaho for $$$$ and realized I would probably not be able to afford your limestone or cast glass sculptures so I leaped at the chance to purchase one of your necklaces. Your work speaks to my soul and is uncanny in some of the design elements you use. I have used the figure form with upraised arms in one of my necklaces, in a beaded “painting I have done and a watercolor painting I made many years ago. There are other elements which are found in your works that have a universal connection to the human psyche and its experience which also influence my works, but yours are more refined and balanced.

Thank you for your creative genius and sharing your vision with the world. You are blessed with the language of art, beauty and spirituality.

I look forward to receiving your beautiful HOLOS necklace and being able to wear it knowing I will have a connection to your energy whenever I am wearing it or in its presence. Thank you.

Dorothy D –

I purchased one of your amazing HOLOS pendants and have a question. On the back of the piece of the pendant where the thread goes through is a square hole. I don’t recall seeing it this way on the ones I examined. Is this normal?? I am attaching a picture below.

Brian Answers: Hi Dorothy. This is a B and I added it to the new style bail to mount the pendant. The B is to help remind us to just B. If that doesn’t make sense, it’s my signature as the artist. Some use it as an indicator of the back and face it towards their body. Thanks for asking and your purchase.

Dorothy Reply: It makes perfect sense.  I hadn’t noticed it while in the presence of the awesome vibrations of the sculptures and pendants.  I would love to have earrings when you are ready to provide them. I love, love, love my pendant.  Thank you so much for making it.  : )

Annatta C –

I love this beautiful symbol for world peace and unity. I wear mine all the time, it goes with almost all of my other necklaces. It just feels good!

Marilyn S –

I have seen this symbol for one humanity as a pendant for sale at Meditation Mount…they are nothing short of stunning artistry, and an amazing and powerful symbol for oneness in itself!!

Brian Berman – Artist and HOLOS Creator

I first imagined a 9-Spiral Torus as a symbol that represented our wholeness and our oneness. Each spiral represents us as an individual, yet essential for the whole form to exist. The torus is a free energy generator, so I first called them Rejuvenators. I continued to see more possibilities with this design and the rejuvenating energy it gives. I visualized it as a 3D infinity sign and renamed it HOLOS, that we are whole, complete, and Divine.

I began creating this HOLOS design in stone and cast glass sculptures, and now I see them as large public art sculptures in metal. These sculptures are Symbols for Peace and our One Humanity. Imagine with me bringing large HOLOS sculptures into regions of conflict around the world and hosting conflict resolution skill building trainings, educating youth and adults alike to speak with their families and neighbors about their need for peace and our future not based upon war.

I feel the power of this vision and the impact that HOLOS could bring to our world. I created HOLOS Pendants so we all can wear this symbol for one humanity and come together as comm-unity. HOLOS non-verbally communicates the shift from fear and separation to unity and love. It represents moving from feelings of aloneness to all-one-ness. Please join with me in sharing your love of our one shared humanity. Let us work towards living in harmony with all beings, and may peace be our guide.


Deborah B –

I am so happy to have this new silver HOLOS! So grateful for your offerings of beauty and spirit. Feeling blessed by your work, this beautiful symbol of health and wholeness.


David Baker- Photographer

I recently received my HOLOS Pendant from a good friend. I didn’t know what to expect but I can tell you what did happen when I put it around my neck.I immediately felt an energy that I did not have before.

All my interactions with people were so much easier and comfortable. I was in the middle of a photo shoot at the time and all of a sudden everything seemed much more alive and with each model I felt a connection to them I wasn’t feeling before I wore the HOLOS Pendant.

I wondered if it was just my happiness of receiving the HOLOS Pendant but from that day forward many things about my daily well being, my feeling of energy and overall outlook was so much better.

I was a restless sleeper. I use a FitBit activity tracker that monitors my sleep and it use to show several periods of restlessness before the HOLOS Pendant. Now I have been sleeping soundly for the entire night.

Finally today at lunch with friends, someone said to me ”You look so good with that pendant.” I feel very much at one with my world. I believe it is because of the HOLOS Pendant and I wear it everyday and I love it!

David Baker