Here’s one of those testimonials that brings fate forward into the light of our one shared humanity. How we can use our fingers to type into a search engine something of interest and find our way to something more profound than what we first were searching for. Here’s a case of Adrian looking for a limestone sculpture for sale and wound up purchasing one of my HOLOS pendants. I asked him how he found me and the website and this is his answer. Enjoying the journey, and the love of our interconnectedness.

“I have never met you- I put into the search engine beautiful limestone sculptures for sale and a website came up which had one of your sculptures shown in a henna limestone-very beautiful. I saw your name and put it into the search engine and came upon your website.

I must tell you that your sense of composition, use of positive and negative space and the ease with which you derive the same sense of sensuality and spirituality no mater whether using stone, metal or glass is exquisite. I was looking to see what pieces where available and what their cost is when I saw the jewelry you make and made the purchase. It moved me to see the design and it reflects a design element I use in some of my jewelry- the Fibonacci sequence. There is such beauty in that number and it is reflected in so many aspects of nature that I cannot help but be moved by it when I see it whether it is in a nautilus shell, a sunflower seedpod or a chrysanthemum. Your piece speaks to that beauty. I also have been intrigued by the use of 3 dimensional printers and found it doubly exciting that this piece was executed by such a design. It is brilliance incarnate.

I did see one of your Peace Portal sculptures listed on a gallery site in Idaho for $17,000 and realized I would probably not be able to afford your limestone or cast glass sculptures so I leaped at the chance to purchase one of your necklaces. Your work speaks to my soul and is uncanny in some of the design elements you use. I have used the figure form with upraised arms in one of my necklaces, in a beaded “painting I have done and a watercolor painting I made many years ago. There are other elements which are found in your works that have a universal connection to the human psyche and its experience which also influence my works, but yours are more refined and balanced.

Thank you for your creative genius and sharing your vision with the world. You are blessed with the language of art, beauty and spirituality.

I look forward to receiving your beautiful HOLOS necklace and being able to wear it knowing I will have a connection to your energy whenever I am wearing it or in its presence. Thank you. ” Adrian G

HOLOS Gold LOGO CardAdrian writes: “Dear Brian,

It would be an honor to have you use excerpts from my e-mail to you on your website-I would be okay with it even without you using my initials to footnote it.

Is there any way for me to find out prices of some of your smaller sculptural stone works? If it is within a certain range I might be able to look at my finances and purchase a piece. I love your work-it is inspiring. I would love to be able to have your work fill our home with its energy.

I have also seen other folks who have made certain sculptural forms translate them into jewelry pieces as well. For instance, some of your cast glass forms could be reduced to a pendant size and be quite beautiful as a focal piece as well as some of your stone designs. Since you have the 3-D printer it would be possible to scale the pieces to be pendants or the drops for earrings.

Thank you again for putting your vision out for the world to see. My hope is more people will find your site and be drawn to your work.”

Best wishes,  Adrian