HOLOS Amulets for Inner Peace


I believe that people of all cultures and countries long for inner peace, and yet at this point in time there is no globally recognized symbol for inner peace around which humanity can rally. It is my belief that humanity is now at a critical point of existence – where a universally recognized symbol for inner peace can bring us to a higher place of consciousness within ourselves and thereby bring about an interrelated, interdependent, interconnected global peace between individuals, societies, and nations.

There have been some cultural symbols that could be seen as representing inner peace such as the Buddhist, Chinese, and ancient Celtic eternal knots, endless knots, or infinite knots, as they are sometimes called. All the lines to the knots inter-loop and connect, seeming to symbolize an inner connected harmony and peace. As you look at these symbols you can see a common thread – the interconnectedness portrayed by the symbol. Individuals are seeking inner peace through studies in science, mathematics, religions, and spirituality. All come to realize our interconnectedness. A balance within is necessary to truly feel one’s life has come to a deep level of peace. I believe this is why these inner-connected designs can resonate with so many people seeking a symbol for inner peace.

In our hectic world many individuals live their lives from the outside in – rather than from the inside out. They desire peace with the rest of the world rather than first finding peace within themselves. Interestingly, there are several symbols for peace that have gained wide acceptance such as the peace sign, the dove, and the olive branch. Though these are recognized as representing peace between humans, they don’t necessarily represent peace within an individual. For many the harmony and peace between individuals and nations has somehow replaced seeking more deeply for a state of inner peace.

HOLOS visually evokes peace at all levels: from inner peace to outer peace. HOLOS is an Amulet expressing our Love, Peace, and Unity. HOLOS affirms our One Humanity and our connected Universe.