HOLOS Amulets for Love, Peace & Unity

My first inspirational vision of HOLOS came to me when I was sitting quietly one morning. I envisioned an infinite spiraling torus form. When I modeled the torus and recognized the symbolism, the sacred geometry as well as a beautiful design, I knew that I had an illuminating discovery.

I named it HOLOS, which is defined in the ancient Greek language as ‘whole and complete, safe and sound, and pertaining to the Universe.’ HOLOS is a reminder of our perfection and it connects us with everything in the Universe through its design.

Love: HOLOS is a reminder to feel and honor your self as whole and complete. This act of loving oneself will immediately bring a state of peace within. When we open our heart to self-love, our capacity to love others increases. If self-love is a challenge for you, please give yourself some compassion for you have been conditioned away from self-love. This too will open your heart to feel compassion for others. We can’t change the world without first changing ourselves. So loving our self is the beginning of world change. We know the world needs love.

Peace: When we love and accept ourselves as whole and complete, we have a greater capacity to accept others. When we give ourselves loving kindness and compassion for all that we carry and are responsible for, we see that each person is also dealing with this need. HOLOS is a symbol for Peace and a reminder of our natural state of peace.

Unity: The HOLOS design in its infinite form with no beginning or end, shows us that the separate segments are all connected at the center. The design is like a labyrinth leading us to our center where we are all connected. This represents our One Humanity where all people of all races, creeds, religions, and colors are part of the Human Race. We are all the same under the skin, and we are all finding our way through life. Science, mathematics, spirituality, and common sense show us that everything is connected. We live in a universe that is connected and without this connection there would be no order at all. This is a huge miracle of life, and our existence is an essential part of this unity. HOLOS symbolizes the Unity of all.