Here’s the HOLOS Evolutionary Story

How the Vision of HOLOS Amulets evolved and became Tools for Transformation. Click the link below for a PDF of the booklet for downloading or reading online. HOLOS Amulets are transformational tools that inspire and enhance feelings of Unity, Peace, and Love. The spiraling design invites you into a deeper connection with yourself and others. Learn how HOLOS came about and why it is so relevant now. This booklet includes beneficial meditation and movement practices along with the Bonus – 5 Steps to Inner Peace. Each HOLOS Amulet is produced with the intention to bring protection and good fortune. Amulet necklaces are usually worn near the heart or close to one’s neck. Most women and men tell me that their HOLOS Amulet is their very favorite necklace and they wear it every day, even combined with their other favorite necklaces.