What customers say how they feel with HOLOS Amulets

Comforting, healing, loving, connecting, joyous, protecting, harmonizing, transforming negativity, inspiring, peaceful, beautiful, energizing, rejuvenating, and plain feeling good.

What customers say about the HOLOS Design

Beauty, elegant, stunning artistry, labyrinth to the soul, breakthrough technology, masterful craftsmanship, perfection, mystical power of #9, universal love, connected Universe, wholeness, conscious souls, sacred geometry, vortex portal, symbol for unity, and one humanity.

3D Metal Printing – an amazing breakthrough – How Does It Work?

HOLOS Amulet are composed of 60% stainless steel and 40% bronze. Each one starts by 3D metal printing with stainless steel powder one layer at a time. You can see the layering on the finished pieces. Each layer is approximately .005″ thick. Then it’s heated in an oven to fuse the powder and burn off the original binder. Going into a furnace for another heating cycle, bronze liquifies and through capillary action wicks into the porous stainless steel part like a sponge, sinters it, and becomes a 60/40 composite metal. After cooling it goes through bead blasting, multiple levels of sanding, polishing, and optional plating. They are produced in three primary finishes: polished Stainless Bronze, Antique Bronze, and 24K Gold Plated. Take a look at the video below for visuals on how this metal process takes place.

Precious & Semi Precious Metals

HOLOS Amulets can also be produced in precious metals: Silver, 14K Yellow, White, or Rose Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, and Platinum as well as Polished Brass and Polished Copper. They are first 3D printed in casting wax then produced through the ancient art of lost wax casting. Click here to see them in our shop.

The name HOLOS comes from the ancient Greek language meaning ‘whole and complete, safe and sound, and pertaining to the Universe’. Berman emphasizes that HOLOS symbolizes our One Humanity. As an amulet it carries an intentional blessing and can balance and harmonize.

HOLOS is based on the sacred geometry of the Torus (a Life-Saver). Its spiraling design is a source for renewal and continuous energy – a rejuvenator.

HOLOS 9StarThe sacred geometry of this 9-spiral Torus is that any location point on the 9-spirals – due to its perfect symmetry – equates to a 9-pointed star made up of 3 equilateral triangles. The number 9 is a numeric archetype for universal love, consciousness, humanitarianism, perfection, and completion.



How Do HOLOS Amulets Create Protection?

Many people ask how does the HOLOS protect from energies from the outside of us. I don’t have any scientific data, only what people have shared with me about the effects of wearing their HOLOS, or having them in their home. Here’s a video that shows the protective shield around my my energetic field when wearing a HOLOS Amulet.