How does the HOLOS design relate to the primordial OM? I will first define OM as the total sound vibration that manifests as the creating universe. Why do I say creating?

OM comes from the Vedic traditions and is often expressed by the A-U-M sound vibration. In many religions and cultures it has been transformed to include sound vibrations that resonate peace and unity. Words like Amen, Shalom, Salaam, Hum, and Amin are some examples.

Science informs us that everything is a vibratory energy. The AUM sound vibration is the vibration that manifests as the totality, the “All That Is”. This correlates with the Vedic trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva. The first sound, A, invokes Brahma, the creator aspect. The U sound invokes Vishnu, the preserver. And the M sound, Siva, represents the destroyer aspect of God. So the three sounds in this one syllable remind us of these three aspects of the Divine, without which nothing exists. Everything is created, sustained, and destroyed repeatedly. Many people sound the OM vibration, sit in silence, vibrating with that primordial vibration.

The HOLOS design represents Brahma the creation of sound/thought rising from silence, Vishnu as the movement of the 9 spirals which represent the manifestation and preservation of life, and Siva as the manifestation creation is destroyed as it reenters the silent void.

The HOLOS movement and design as a spiraling torus geometry emerged from silence into manifestation, the sound vibration of thought. Thoughts rising from silence and returning to silence revealed a visual pattern that was recognized by artist and creator of the HOLOS design, Brian Berman. He then drew the design on paper, modeled it in clay and then designed it with computer software.

When exploring the sounding OM, and the power of sound vibration, we can recognize our words as sacred, creative, and divine. What we think and say, we become. We are powerful creators! Let us bring more awareness to the vibrations that we create with our thoughts and words. HOLOS and OM are our connections with the One undivided totality.