Brian Berman’s view on HOLOS

HOLOS Amulets for Love, Peace & Unity

My first inspirational vision of HOLOS came to me when I was sitting quietly one morning. I envisioned an infinite spiraling torus form. When I modeled the torus and recognized the symbolism, the sacred geometry as well as a beautiful design, I knew that I had an illuminating discovery. (Read More)

HOLOS Amulets for Inner Peace

I believe that people of all cultures and countries long for inner peace, and yet at this point in time there is no globally recognized symbol for inner peace around which humanity can rally (Read More).

What makes the HOLOS Amulet special?

The torus geometry is the creative pattern in our universe. HOLOS models this universal pattern. Great thinkers share this unitive view…. The torus geometry is confirmed by physicists, spiritualists, healers, psychics, jewelers, and most everyone who sees its design. (Read their comments.)