3D Metal Printed Amulets


Small, Medium, and Large HOLOS Amulets come on an adjustable length dacron neck cord with glass beads, a card, and a gift pouch. NEW! Option Available-We are offering 26″ adjustable smooth Silver or Gold Vermeil snake chain made in Italy. This 26″ adjustable chain will allow your Stainless Bronze, Antique Bronze, or 24K Gold Plated HOLOS to sit near your heart or you can shorten the chain to have up closer to your throat. Gold Vermeil made by the same company in Italy, has a thin layer of real Gold, plated over a Sterling Silver adjustable snake chain.

Gold HOLOS shown for photo purposes only.



3D printed in Stainless Steel with Bronze sintering – 3 finishes and 3 sizes. Stainless Bronze, Antique Bronze, and Gold Plated Pendants are 3D printed with stainless steel powder and a binder, then in a furnace liquid bronze replaces the binder to form an alchemy of metals with properties between stainless steel and bronze. (60/40). They are then tumble sanded with abrasives, polished and plated.

All HOLOS Amulets are made here in the USA and are unconditionally guaranteed in quality and workmanship. If you ordered the wrong size or finish or just want to send it back, you are welcome to a return for an exchange or 100% refund within 30 days. Please contact us first.

“I am grateful beyond words. Would you happen to have another HOLOS in antique bronze like the one I just bought? I just gifted the last one to someone who could use it.” Mark H

“I went to Buenos Ares wearing your HOLOS. So many people stopped me and asked where to get it?” Cher S-B

“I love this beautiful symbol for world peace and unity. I wear mine all the time, it goes with almost all of my other necklaces. It just feels good!” Anatta C

“I have seen this symbol for One Humanity as a pendant for sale. They are nothing short of stunning artistry, and an amazing and powerful symbol for oneness in itself!” Marilyn S

“I love, love, love my pendant. Thank you so much for making it.” Dorothy D

Sizes: Small 3/4″ (19mm) diameter, Medium 1″ (25mm) diameter, Large 1.25″ (31mm) diameter. Thickness is half the diameter. The long lasting dacron neck cord with glass beads is adjustable for different lengths. Comes with gift pouch and card. We are also offering adjustable chains for small, medium, and large size amulets. They come in 26″ adjustable Sterling Silver, or 24″ adjustable Gold Vermeil which is Sterling Silver with Gold Plating.

24″ Adjustable Silver Chain

24″ Adjustable Gold Vermeil Chain


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Small, Medium, Large


Stainless Bronze, Antique Bronze, Gold Plated, Stainless Bronze with Silver Adjustable Necklace, Antique Bronze with Silver Adjustable Necklace, Gold Plated with Silver Adjustable Necklace, Stainless Bronze with Gold Vermeil Adjustable Necklace, Antique Bronze with Gold Vermeil Adjustable Necklace, Gold Plated with Gold Vermeil Adjustable Necklace