3D Precious Metal Amulets


Each HOLOS Amulet comes on an adjustable length black braided dacron neck cord with glass beads, card, and a gift box. You can order with an adjustable silver chain or gold vermeil for small, medium, and large amulets, and a 14K gold chain on the Gold amulets.

Platinum, 14K White and Rose Gold, 18K Yellow Gold and Large 14K Gold HOLOS Amulets are made to order. If out of stock, production is taking about 3 weeks.




Copper, Silver, and 14K Yellow Gold and in stock.  We can produce your order in these additional metals: Brass, 14K Yellow, White or Rose Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, and Platinum are all available by special order and must first be quoted. If we are out of stock, orders will take 3-4 weeks. 

All HOLOS Amulets are made here in the USA and are unconditionally guaranteed in quality and workmanship. If you ordered the wrong size or finish or just want to send it back, you are welcome to a return for an exchange or 100% refund within 30 days. Please contact us first. 

We are stocking HOLOS Amulets in Copper, Silver, and 14K Yellow Gold. HOLOS Amulets are fabricated using a complex five-step process. First, your size HOLOS is printed in casting wax using a specialized high-resolution 3D Printer. It is then put in a container where plaster investment is poured in around it. Once the investment sets, the wax is melted out in a furnace, and the remaining investment becomes the mold. Molten Brass, Copper, Silver, Gold, or Platinum is poured into this mold and hardens. The plaster is removed, revealing your HOLOS. Removing the cast HOLOS is carefully done, then cleaned and hand-polished.

Mini (15mm), Small (18mm) diameter, Medium (24mm) diameter, Large (30mm) diameter. Thickness is 1/2 the diameter. The black braided dacron neck cord is adjustable for different lengths and long lasting. We are offering 26″ adjustable smooth Silver or 24″ Gold Vermeil snake chain made in Italy. This adjustable chain will allow your Copper, Silver, or Gold HOLOS to sit near your heart or you can shorten the chain to have up closer to your throat. Gold Vermeil made by the same company in Italy, has a layer of real Gold, plated over a Sterling Silver adjustable snake chain.

Sterling Silver with Silver Adjustable Chain

Silver HOLOS in Gift Box

Copper with Gold Vermeil Adjustable Chai

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1 in

Mini, Small, Medium, Large


Polished Brass, Polished Copper, Polished Silver, Polished Silver with Silver Chain, Polished 14K Yellow Gold, Polished 14K Yellow Gold with 14K Gold Chain, Polished Brass with Silver Chain, Polished Copper with Silver Chain, Polished Brass with Gold Vermeil Chain, Polished Copper with Gold Vermeil Chain