HOLOS Inner Peace Printed Guidebook


Peace is the Power Within You

This 16 page printed guidebook shares an easy direct path to inner peace and freedom. You can purchase the booklet by itself or you will receive a free digital link copy sent to you by email with any HOLOS Amulet purchase.


Break Free From Your Monkey Mind – 5 Steps to Inner Peace

Peace is the Power Within You

This printed guidebook, will take you through the 5 Simple Steps leading to the treasure of peace within you. Imagine what it would feel like having peace of mind. Learn skills to guide you to end your constant mental chatter.

Benefits of Breaking Free From Your Monkey Mind

  • Better concentration ability
  • Efficiency in handling your daily affairs of life
  • A sense of inner strength and power
  • More patience, tolerance and tact
  • Freedom from stress, anxieties and worries
  • Falling asleep easily and sleeping soundly
  • Awareness of inner happiness and peace
“Peace doesn’t require two people, it requires only one. It has to be you. The problem begins and ends there.”     Byron Katie
 “If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.”  Marvin Gaye


  1. Ready to Awaken the Power of Peace Within?
  2. Steps 1 and 2 • Break Free From Your Monkey Mind
  3. Steps 3 and 4 • Break Free From Your Monkey Mind
  4. Step 5 • Break Free From Your Monkey Mind
  5. Self-Care while Maintaining Your Practice
  6. Get Back on Track when the “Shit Hits the Fan”
  7. Support Tools for Transformation
  8. Vision and Birth of HOLOS         
  9. Power of Our Thinking – Thoughts Make Manifest
  10. Hope for Peace
  11. Sacred Geometry and HOLOS Amulets
  12. Worry Free and Zero Point HOLOS Amulets
  13. What People Feel and Say about their Amulets
  14. Awakening Peace Support