Worry Free


Worry Free Amulet’s intention are to help us relieve the worrying thoughts and feelings we have. These amulets are designed to help ground and release worries.


Worry Free - Amulets come in clockwise spirals for grounding energies, and counter clockwise spirals for releasing energies. By holding one of these in your hand and with your thumb caressing the spirals in their direction, you can either ground or release energies that are worrisome, feeling more balanced. I call these amulets Worry Free because it helps us with those thoughts and feelings we have that are best to be grounded and released. I'm sure you will find these amulets perfect for keeping in your pocket, purse, or desk. Each one measures 1.25" in diameter and .75" in height. These are designed in the Golden Mean Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. I produce and stock them in 3D metal printing in Stainless Bronze (pictured above). They are presently stocked in Stainless Bronze. If you want to order in Antique Bronze, Gold Plated, or precious metals production will be 4-5 weeks. Let me know if you are interested.

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Worry Free

Clockwise, Counter Clockwise


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Stainless Bronze, 24K Gold Plated