Zero Point


Zero Point HOLOS models the energy field when the two spiraling torus fields connect bringing balance to our masculine and feminine energies.

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Zero Point HOLOS models the Zero Point energy field when the two spiraling torus fields connect. Most torus dynamics actually contain two toruses – called “tori” – like the male and female aspects of the whole – one spiraling one direction toward the north pole and its opposite spinning toward the South pole. Imagine releasing all that worries your mind and emotional body. While holding in your hands let your thumbs caress the spirals, right hand spiraling clockwise and left hand spiraling counter clockwise. Feel the calm balancing effect on both halves of your brain and body mind. These are transformational tools to use in your daily practice.

Small, Medium, and Large  Zero Point sculptures. Small measures 1.25" diameter .75" height, Medium Zero Point measures 2" diameter and 1.185" height, Large measures 5" diameter and 3" height - all three with the Golden Mean ratio. The Small Zero Point set are 1.5" in height, medium are 2.3", and large are 5.75". Your choice is Stainless Bronze finish, Antique Bronze, or 24K Gold Plated finish. Not all finishes are in stock so new orders or back orders take 4-5 weeks for delivery.


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Zero Point Small, Zero Point Medium, Zero Point Large


Stainless Bronze, 24K Gold Plating