HOLOS changed how I envisioned the world

HOLOS is an Amulet for Love, Peace, and Unity. The causes of violence are born in our feelings of separation. Our vision is to shift our awareness from fear and separation to unity and love. We are a global community that fosters a culture of peace within our hearts, as well as in our homes, schools, businesses, government and all aspects of community life and livelihood. We are dedicated to serving the emergence of personal, ecological, and universal well Being.


• To honor: a culture of peace based on our one shared humanity and interconnectedness with all life.
• To inspire: educational programs and services designed to empower individuals and the community in establishing an inclusive, sustainable, and enduring culture of peace.
• To foster: a community that connects with, knows, and respects its neighbors of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, and beliefs.
• To nurture: a culture of love and peace in body, mind and spirit.

Public “Art for Peace” Builds Community


One of our goals is to create HOLOS sculptures as public artworks that ideally inspire communities around the world to declare themselves International Cities of Peace. Imagine a world of cities dedicated to expanding their local peace economy and encouraging a global culture of peace. Safety, prosperity, and quality of life are universal values that bring peace to our lives. Imagine bringing a HOLOS sculpture to your community with the intention of creating more peace and unity. We envision building and installing HOLOS sculptures for International Peace Day, September 21, 2016. We are seeking support to help make this happen.

One way to support this vision is to wear a HOLOS pendant or earrings and share with people you meet the vision and importance of building a culture of peace NOW and for future generations. Each HOLOS is a sacred amulet and carries an intentional unitive blessing. Wearing HOLOS pendants can help connect you with your True Nature, unifying body, mind, and spirit. We are all essential parts of our living system, Mother Earth, and the unified field called Universe. When wearing your HOLOS or having a sculpture in your environment, you affirm and express this connection.

The Benefits:

Building a culture of peace in our communities will benefit us all. When we shift from fear and separation to unity and love, the benefits begin within ourselves and radiate out to our friends, our family, and into our community.

  • Crime Reduction

  • Violence Reduction

  • Improved Economic Performance

  • Improved Education Performance

  • Enhanced Government Performance

HOLOS as a public art sculpture will benefit our communities. Peace is a strength within each of us. Let peace guide us to more harmonious community ways of living on this precious planet Earth.

Brian Berman, the creator of HOLOS is ALL-IN and fully committed to bring this about. He invites you to partner in peace-building and seeks your support. Let’s create the first HOLOS public art sculpture — together. Please contact Brian with your ideas and support.

Public “Art for Peace” Builds Community